Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is practised thousands of years. The philosophy of TCM states that a person gets a certain amount of energy at birth. To function well in life and to be active this energy is necessary. This energy flows through the body via channels. These channels are called meridians. Through influences from outside such as wind, cold, heat, moisture, viruses, trauma's, stress, fears, depression and burnout the energyflow can be out of balance. Through needles which can be pricked on the meridians the balance can be restored and the energy can flow again. There is also a possibility to choose a treatment which does not use needles; this is called acupressure. Hereby pressure points will be massaged. Also there can be Chinese Herbs prescribed. Moxa, Cupping and adapted diet can be part of the treatment.


For well over threethousand year acupunture has been one of the five disiplines of TCM. TCM can relieve pain or restore the balance of the body, but can also be used for prevention. The treatment of acupuncture can be applied to the body, ear or with help of laser technology.


Within the body exist several meridians. Through these merdians flow energy. When these energy flows are out of balance, illnesses can arise. First a diagnosis will be determined. Tongue- and pulse diagnosis are very important. There will be determined which acupunture points are important and where the needle will be placed.


The ear can be used to determine a diagnosis. In the ear there are points which correspond with organs in the body. If a tender point is stimulated a reaction can arise in an ill organ or a part of the body where the pain is. Through treament of these points pain relief and or and reduction of symptoms can occur.


With this treatment needles are not used, instead laser technology is used. On the acupuncture point a laser disc is placed and the laser treatent will be applied. This treatment can be applied to children and adults.


Acupressure is mainly applied on acupuncture points, meridians and muscles. With the palms of the hand and fingers certain forces are pushed on the acupuncture points. Acupuncture can prevent illnesses.

Chinese herbs

Sometimes it is necessary to use Chinese herbs besides acupuncture and acupressure. In modern Chinese herbs formula's different herbs are mixed. In this way illnesses can be dealt with effectively. The effectiveness of herbal formula's have been scientifically studied.


The cupping method is a therapeutic approach to place small balls of glass on the surface of the skin, where a vacuum is generated. Cupping is sometimes used in combination with acupuncture. The cupping method warms and stimulate the free flow of energy in the blood through the meridians and decreases swellings and pain.


Because these two therapies will influence and reinforce each other, you will get even better results, than if you applied them separately.


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